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Sab 23/07/2022 LINK VOODOO FESTIVAL, Castelnuovo Barian, Rovigo
VOODOO FESTIVAL, Castelnuovo Barian, Rovigo



THE MONSTERS „The Monsters“ were formed in 1986 in small-town Bern, capital of Switzerland. Their sound is a fuzzedout mix between 60ies garage punk, wild teenage trash rockabilly and primitive rock‘n‘roll. Its 187% no MTV and top 100 shit! The actual lineup is guitar, bass and the socalled clonedrum: means 2 drummers with only 1 1/2 drums, hitting thhe same bassdrum from each side. Besides the countless shows in Switzerland „The Monsters“ played extensive tours through Europe including Germany, France, Holland, Belgium, Italy, Austria, England, Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Spain. In 2003 the band toured Argentina, Brasil and New York, in 2005 they had a 3 week tour allover Japan. In 2006 the „20 Years Monsters“ show draged 900 people to Reithalle Bern. Needless to say „The Monsters“ are a kickass live band who will burn every stage down. Over the years „The Monsters“ recorded 6 albums, several singles and ep‘s and apeared on countless compilations. The record „Youth Against Nature“ was recored in the now famous Toe Rag Studios (London) by Liam Watson. „I See Dead People“ came with a 1000-piece puzzle, booklet, sticker and button and was allready sold out during the tour. „Garage Punk Vol. 1“ is a double LP with 20 years of trash! The Monsters appear on Voodoorhythm Records, Switzerland. The label is famous for it‘s taste and style, as it is for the beautiful artwork. Voodoorhythm is run by Beat-Man, who is the singer and guitar player of The Monsters. Beat-Man played - and still plays - in other projects called Lightning Beat-Man, Reverend Beat-Man, Die Zorros and some more. As a one-manband he toured all of europe, played venues such as Jazz Festival Montreux, Frat Shack, Dour Festival, Eurocene and Las Vegas Grind (USA) on the same bill with acts like Dick Dale, Public Enemy, Ramones, Prince, Ramstein, Bob Log III and more. GO SEE THEM LIVE ON STAGE... THEY BLOW YOUR BRAIN AWAY WITH LOTS OF CHAINSAW... MASSACRE GARAGE PUNK AND PRIMITIVE ROCK‘N‘ROLL TRASH...

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