garagepunk from Mexico


LOS INFIERNO From Mexico City, Los Infierno are a Garage Punk band, formed by: Chok Fermoso (vocals), Caleb Franco (bass), Crunchy Lopez (guitar), Sabu (guitar) and Kasko (drums), who also form part of the legendary Garage and Surf bands in Mexico, Lost Acapulco and Los Explosivos. Formed in November 2009, Los Infierno began to compose original songs which were defined as a Garage band and quirky elegant, always well dressed and ready to rock. Los Infierno are invited to participate in the famous Japanese Label “Sazanami” and participated in the compilation called "Wild Sazanami Beat vol. 5 " With the song “Soy el Rock N Roll” Los Infierno recorded their first album "Salvaje” produced by Wild Evel from The Incredible Staggers, mixed and mastered in Austria by Shaking Mattews (The Incredible Staggers) “Salvaje” includes 13 songs, including the original theme of Los Infierno "Todos Estos Años," a duet with Erwin Flores, lead singer of the legendary Peruvian band Los Saicos, who had not recorded anything in 45 years. Discography - 2010 - EP - "Los Infierno" - 2010 - Japanese "Wild Sazanami Beat Vol.5" - 2011 - LP - "Nada que perder" (CD version Only for Mexico) -- 2012 - LP – “Salvaje” (CD & VINYL for Europe)------------------ 2012 - EP - “Wild Evel & Los Infierno” Presentan: “MUCHO TEQUILA” (4 cover songs recorded in Mexico)

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