Sixties Girl Group meets Garage Beat


Tre ragazze e quattro ragazzi, tre voci genuinamente sixties e una backing-band coi fiocchi. Shakerate Pipettes, Kinks e il meglio del beat moderno e otterrete il suono freschissimo delle Mentalettes. La band “planetaria” (in formazione cileni, spagnoli, americani, tedeschi e svedesi), di stanza a Berlino, rinnova la tradizione dei gruppi che negli anni d’oro del beat facevano ballare anche le sedie. Preparatevi a fare altrettanto.

A girl group gone berserk
There's almost no irony in this impecably stylish act, that jumps back and forth between sixties girl group and indie garage sounds. With the classic line-up of drums, bass, organ, guitars, many voices and topped with golden outfits and deconstructivist dance routines the music always suceeds to move both hips and hearts.
After a short support tour for the Jon Spencer Blues Explosion in december 2012 a split single with the trash blues masters is in the making. The Mentalettes also plan their first full-length Album for mid 2013 and are touring Europe's DIY-hipster-scenes continuously.
January 2013 finally saw the first release of the magnificient seven with Hamburg's finest label CopaseDisques. The 7" vinyl single features a cover-song and a original composition.
The one side with Fine, Fine, Fine ist not your typical Mentalettes song and therefore an excellent choice for a first release. Positive and filled with the spirit of naive love the song differs from the band's more moody but no less highly energetic originals.
One of which can be found on the other side, called Do You Love Me. Love is never simple and doubt is in it's nature. So all in all on their first single The Mentalettes disseminate the whole topic in under 10 minutes. Doing so they display their ability to move fast like without losing focus.
As is often the case with bands that move us with their carefree approach to music, a practical joke also laid the foundation for The Mentalettes. The band was initially formed for a one-off performance,  singing The Tammys' "Egyptian Shumba" at the first official "Obsidian Night" party in Berlin during Spring 2011.
However, Berlin's Bassy Club quickly requested a follow-up concert. The band added some juicy covers of underground hits like "Wild Man" (The Tamrons) or "19 Men" (in reply to The Renegades' "13 Woman") to their own songs and...BANG!!...a new band was born.  Since then, many have had a chance to see this Swedish-Spanish-German-Chilean-USA alliance on tour all over Europe.
This is for all fans of strong women in pop music history. The Tammys, Ronettes, Luv'd Ones, Manowar, and The Spice Girls - they are all being honoured when the Mentalettes take the stage.

Dopo il grande successo di supporto a JON SPENCER BLUES EXPLOSION! Nuovo tour in estate, contattateci!

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