one woman band from USA


Just like the late Jessie Mae Hemphill, Becky Lee ( Becky Lee Walters) is a renegade and Lonely She-Wolf in the world of men dominated Blues Rock’n’Roll. She is one of the world's few female one (wo)man bands plays guitar, kick drum, snare w/a foot pedal and floor tom with her strum hand with such co-ordination you could swear it was a 4 piece band. Born and grown up in the hot desert of Arizona Becky Lee has been touring America and Europe with her Drunkfoot constantly since 2008 and has shared stages with the likes of:
Reverend Beat-man, Reatards, The Oblivians, Sky Saxon, Black Diamond Heavies, Magnetix, Sophie Hunger & Evelinn Trouble (they had a trio), Delaney Davidson, Kitty Daisy & Lewis and loads more!
She is one of those girls you see and you think….aw what a sweet girl .. but Beware she’s in a Perfoming !! it’s a Constant Fight between Heaven and Hell she’s fighting struggling with her whole life and you can feel and hear this very Loud and Direct in her music. .. Becky has it all and she’s a Hell of a Songwriter. 
Her debut Album on Voodoo Rhythm Records includes 11 ORIGINAL RECODINGS, of a Woman that Must be heard, if you miss this you miss Life in general a must buy and A MUST SEE! She plays Murder songs, Headaches and heatbreaks. Real life. She could kill a man with the click of a finger, and every fucker can go to hell for all she cares.. she melts hearts and burns jeans, watch out for this woman.

ASSOLUTAMENTE IMPERDIBILE, one woman band, punta di diamante della VOODOO RHYTHM. Contattateci!!

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