Elvis is dead!


Elvis... dead? Yep, he is!!
Long dead and gone but not quite done!!
The Memphis Stiff is back from the grave. 
More primitive then ever and takin' care of business as a ONEMANBAND. 
Since late 2006 dead Elvis had a worldwide impact and has become a inspiration to many.
His haunted style of Rock and Roll is spreadin' like wildfire 
and is gaining a evergrowing fanbase across generations and genres.
This monster is definatly kickin' it, like he has got nothing to lose!
Being on a never ending global tour, playing shows in countries like: 
Japan, Brazil, Uruguay, China, Chile, 
Turkey, Argentina, Hungaria, 
Italy, Bulgaria, Finland, Sweden, denmark, Spain, Germany etc.
Dead Elvis is cooking up a mix of primitive/lo-fi/rock'n'roll/garage/blues 
and serves it in a dirty deep bowl!! Dive into it, baby! 
It's Dead Elvis & His One Man Grave

Disponibile a giugno 2017, CONTATTATECI!

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