dirty rnr duo from Texas


Carley + Jonathan Wolf named themselves The Ghost Wolves as a symbol of the band’s ferocious, primal sound and a nod to Carley’s ranch upbringing among hybrid wolves. The married duo are inspired by delta blues, loud garage rock, and American roots music- a genre they call ‘stomp and roll.’ Their new LP ‘Man, Woman, Beast’ will be released on Nashville’s Plowboy Records May 27.
The Ghost Wolves are known for their infectious on-stage chemistry and raw energy, presenting “face-melting riffs and unfettered noisy productions” (Austin Independent Music) to live crowds across the US (w/ 500+ shows to date). The album was recorded in Austin’s Arlyn Studios (where Ray Charles, Willie Nelson, Stevie Ray Vaughan + more have taped) and was mastered by Howie Weinberg (Nirvana, the Ramones, the Clash). Their garage swamp stretches beyond just the U.S., garnering international attention. Rolling Stone Italia raves “They play stomping blues-garage-punk possessed by who knows what kind of demon…their music has just the right overdose of voodoo punk…”
With nothing but a four-piece drum kit and an electric guitar, Carley + Jonny create huge sound. “Gonna Live” echoes modern similarities to The White Stripes. “Baby Fang Thang” showcases Carley’s bare-boned electric guitar + devilish vocals. The heavy, femme fatale track “Shotgun Pistol Grip,” recorded on Carley’s signature one-string guitar, was recently featured on this season of Shameless.
‘Man, Woman, Beast’ is the latest release on the Plowboy label, formed by punk legend Cheetah Chrome, professor/music historian Don Cusic and Eddy Arnold’s grandson Shannon Pollard. The Plowboy catalog includes new albums by Cheetah Chrome, Buzz Cason, Bobby Bare, Chuck Mead, JD Wilkes & The Dirt Daubers, Paul Burch and an all-star tribute to Eddy Arnold.

Third Man Records is excited to release the newest songs from Austin, TX’s Ghost Wolves, available today on 7” vinyl and digital ( Formed in 2011 and hardly taking time to sit since then, the Ghost Wolves create, record and tour at a dizzying clip. Blending rock n' roll, punk rock, garage and blues with electronic elements, the duo has earned a reputation as one of the hardest working bands in the modern rock n’ roll underground, touring internationally for almost 8 years straight, with nearly 1000 shows between them in 23+ countries including most of western Europe, the USA, U.K. and Japan.

The recording sessions took place during a very dark time for Carley and Jonny, who have been married for 7 years. Jonny's father, John, received a terminal cancer diagnosis in late 2018. "I was in Connecticut with my dad in the hospital and Carley was in Texas sending me song demos. I'd write her back my thoughts and we went on for a while like that. I was up there almost a month when they first hospitalized him. When he stabilized somewhat, I went back to Austin to take a break and be home briefly, and that's when we recorded this. So we were creating with all of that hurt going on in the background. It was therapeutic for me in a way, to be there with these people, working on art. And I think it came out on the record. It's definitely darker and more intimate than our previous albums."

The three tracks from the sessions are out today on 7" vinyl and digitally by Third Man Records. About the partnership, Carley remembers, "We sent a bunch of labels all the music we recorded, 10 tracks total. When Third Man said they wanted to release some of it, we were popping champagne and screaming at the sky. For us it was like hitting the lotto. We're just fans of the label. They have so many of our heroes in their catalogs, people like Muddy Waters, Wanda Jackson, Dead Weather, Jerry Lee Lewis, the White Stripes. It's mind-blowing that our music will be there alongside them. It doesn't feel real, it feels like a dream."


Ritornano in Italia per presentare il nuovo lavoro su THIRD MAN RDS, per fans di Cramps, White Stripes... contattateci!

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