garage-beat new great band from France


» Whoa ! Is there any other word to effectively describe this assault on the ears ? It’s the sound of suburban frustration taken out on unsuspecting punters at the local dancehall circa ’65, but served up on black was today for everyone to marvel at . The debut single from The Stones-aping quintet from Montpellier, France is « Only  » a pair of covers but that just adds to the R&B authenticity, doesn’t it ?
The Masters Apprentices get done over on the A-Side, with everything turned up into the red . The unintelligible slurring vocal is the only thing stopping in from being world-beating . Meanwhile their other cover, of the Jimmy Hughes ( via The Spectres ) classic, is brazen : they speed things up, completely alter the lyrics just for fun, and basically spin it into Back From The Grave – worthy garage – punk gold .
A provocative and unhinged beginning . Based on this evidence, our world is theirs for the taking  » Shindig 

Per la prima volta in Italia, band rivelazione garage-beat da Montpellier!

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