60s freakbeat-psych-hammond groove


Una ragione fondamentale per non perdere il tour italiano dei Fogbound. Perchè questa band spagnola di La Coruña produce oggi un suono desueto che non si sente troppo in giro, come il freakbeat e la psychedlia inglese figlia diretta del suono che era stato meticolosamente raccolto su compilation seminali come Rubble e Chocolate Soup For Diabetics.
I Fogbound rimandano a quel mondo popsike onirico dei primi Pink Floyd barrettiani, al freakbeat degli Attack e dei Barrier con un hammond che marca un groove micidiale.
Psychedelia per palati fini. (nota di Enrico Lazzeri)
Fogbound have immersed themselves in the British sound of the late 60’s, and in just a short time have concocted their own magic potion of 21st century psychedelia and freakbeat. These aural alchemists are devotees of Syd’s Pink Floyd, as much as they are of underground bands like The Attack, Purple Barrier or The Tickle.
Fogbound have turned heads since their  rst demo appeared in early 2013 and went on to win the coveted battle of the bands contest at Euro YeYe weekender later in the year. Counting Vibra- void and legendary producer Liam Watson of Toe Rag Studios (White Stripes, Stranglers) among their admirers, Fogbound have been building interest from blogs and radio stations both nationally and internationally during 2014.
Next stop for Fogbound is the single ‘Purple Wax/Kicking Eucalyptus Seeds’ (on The John Colby Sect’s record label) where the band delve deeper and darker into the aesthetic and musical legacy of Swinging London.

Per la prima volta in Italia, 60s freakbeat-mod-psychdelic sound!

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