Scandinavia garagepunk legend


Formed in 1992 the Strollers quickly made a reputation of being one of the wildest & hardest garage rock acts in Scandinavia. 
They started playing small clubs in Örebro (Sweden) and soon they went to do festivals and toured most parts of Europe. But the wild living and internal fights took its toll and in 2001 the story was over. Or so everyone thought… 
The Strollers had a brief reunion in 2006. Now, many years later, the original lineup crawls back up from the grave. After a much appreciated appearance at garage rock legend Jens Lindberg’s (The Maharajas) 50th birthday party the band has now decided to reform. People who witnessed the show will tell you they sounded better than ever! The Strollers released two nowadays hard to get 45s and two full length albums; “Falling Right Down” (1999, Low Impact Recordings) and “Captain Of My Ship” (2000, Low Impact Recordings). 
And who knows - maybe there is more to come?? So keep your eyes and ears open!,

Band culto dei 90s scandinavi!

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