dark'a'billy-pop from Australia


GRANDE RITORNO, all girl band dalla lontana Australia...capitanate dalla carismatica Brigitte, propongono una miscela di dark, rock'a'billy e pop...semplicemente IRRESISTIBILI!!! 
Now it is time for something DIFFERENT. Take gentle and dark melodies, combine them with loud and fast punk rock, add some sound of guitars and believe me the result will throw you for a loop. You will find yourself in a delirium you can't (or just don’t want to?) escape. That is The Dark Shadows.” Static Magazine, Germany "They sound like The Clash giving Marlene Dietrich a damn good seeing to while The Banshees do '50's sci-fi as the soundtrack!" Big Cheese Magazine UK “The Dark Shadows take Gene Vincent era rock, amp it up with seventies Damned style energy, then ignore the hardcore and grindcore and pop-punk that came afterwards to create a twenty first century version of rock. There are hints of the past in the Dark Shadows, but they are the sound of now...” Faster Louder, Sydney “The Dark Shadows happily command the cavernous and crowded Metro Theatre and no-one in the audience failed to be impressed by the trio who played their own brand of anti-corporate darkwave melodic fayre.” Live Review: Glasvegas/The Dark Shadows Hazel, Getmusic© “...The Dark Shadows have no worries about being on the other side of the world from the rest of the dark and moody music makers, considering themselves as more of a global band with no physical boundaries." Terrorizer/Dominion Magazine UK This Sydney based independent 3 piece has toured throughout Australia, USA, UK, Europe & Japan, playing with bands such as Glasvegas (UK), Hugh Cornwell (The Stranglers, UK), Horrorpops (Denmark) Marky Ramone (USA), Christian Death (USA), †13th Moon† (Japan), The Stray Cats (USA), Sham 69 (UK), Tiger Army (USA), 45 Grave (USA), Meteors (UK), Mad Sin (Germany). The band has also appeared at international festivals including the Wave Gotik Treffen, Leipzig, Germany, Psychomania Rumble Germany, Ink 'n' Iron Festival in Long Beach CA, USA, Summer Strummer Festival CA USA, Santa Monica CA, USA. The Dark Shadows records are currently being spun by DJs worldwide most notably Rodney Bingenheimer KROQ FM, LA, USA, George Williams (Good Morning Garage) Tokyo, Japan, Mike Davis Punk Show BBC, Tequila Mockingbird, Karma Radio Network USA, Jezz Harkins, former Yeah Yeah Yeahs manager and Breakthrough Radio DJ NYC. Having just released their new single, ‘Written In The Snow...’ b/w ‘Blame’ on Limited Edition 7 inch collectible white vinyl including Digital Download Codes, The Dark Shadows will soon be launching a new EP, ’11:11’. After the haunting atmospherics of the ‘Invisible’ EP, ’11:11’ sees the band develop this theme and explore a fresh, sharp edged new sound, combined with post-punk noir wave. October/November 2011 will be a European/UK Tour for the Dark Shadows who will be appearing at The Semana Gotica Festival Madrid, Spain October 29th and the Whitby Gothic Weekend in Whitby, UK on Saturday 5th November 2011.

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