pure 60s sound DK-FR


Les Darlings
Crazy and wild gggggggrage with soul.
UK debut for Les Darlings ! Yehh Scream ! Shout !! Parteey !!! Flying saucers !!!! 

Les Darlings are a jolly wildness of dashing and crazy '60s minded, fuzz-fuelled grrragemaniacs from France and Denmark, via German 8-track caves of primitive rituals. 

Play them, they'll play... YOU !! 

Be ready for a scenic-railway trip whizzing through sharp '66 garage grit, graced by pure-hearted choirs of otherwordly consequence, heart-throbbing moody ballads and savage rhythm'n'soul that will eject your heart right out of your bosom into manic freakbeat realms of unspeakable lust !! 

But please darling, keep your cool, turn blue and check out this new band ! 

Les Darlings are :
Thomas Baignères : lead vocals, guitar ( ex Spark Shyver, Terence Christiansen ) Pascal : lead guitar, back vocals ( ex Norvins, Whodunit, Radiations )
David Peter Jørgensen : bass, vocals ( ex Peter & The Wilde Sect, The Youth ) Dorian Gardner : drums, tambourine, back vocals, stuntman ( Dèche & Gardner, Vidéodrome )
Organ : guest apparitions !
Recorded by Dennis Rux at Yeah Yeah Yeah Studios - Hamburg

Nuovissima band full 60s sound-attitude sull'asse franco-danese, don't miss it! Contattateci!

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