21st century Las Vegas grind

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La party band definitiva! 

Data Link Luogo
Dom 12/05/2024 LINK KELLY'S PUB, Borgonovo Valtidone, Piacenza
KELLY'S PUB, Borgonovo Valtidone, Piacenza
Sab 11/05/2024 LINK SH-BOOM FESTIVAL, Porto Recanati, Macerata
SH-BOOM FESTIVAL, Porto Recanati, Macerata
Ven 10/05/2024 LINK CA' BOTTONA, Costermano, Verona
CA' BOTTONA, Costermano, Verona
Gio 09/05/2024 LINK JOSHUA BLUES, Albate, Como
JOSHUA BLUES, Albate, Como
Mer 08/05/2024 LINK BLAH BLAH, Torino


This non stop, rock’and’roll grind-a-go go machine was formed in London in late 2014 and features the high energy rock and roll twang of guitar player Mr Dan Martin; the sleazy, growly tenor sax-tones of Thomas "T-Mag" Maguire; the thunderous jungle rhythms of Wilco ͞The Hammer͟ van Eijk and the low down tones of the boss of the bass, Mr Frankie Fuzilli Sr. They mix up a sleazy atomic age r’n’r cocktail blending Link Wray and the craziest Las Vegas Grind tunes with a large shot of Grady Gaines' Upsetters, a dash of The Fabulous Wailers, a slice of Nick Curran and top it all off with the wildest titty twistin' tunes on the Planet Earth. Recent live activity includes multiple Spanish tours and two Dutch tours, the Festival del Valle di Tobalina (with Mambo Jambo and The Limboos), headlining The 10th Anniversary Rock and Roll Circus in Amsterdam, Weirdsville (with Big Boss Man and King Salamis), What’s Cookin’, Bule Bule Toga Fest (with Les Grys Grys and Dr Explosion), The New Barcelona Hayride and Funtastic Dracula Carnival, Benidorm (with Guitar Wolf and The Mummies).2017 is also looking bright with Hipsville UK, Surforama and The Rockabilly Rave already pencilled in. In 2016 they released their debut single Mogul Monster c/w Beavershot on strictly limited 7͟ vinyl through FOLC Records and are now writing and recording their 1st LP which will be released in 2017. The Fuzillis... vintage, but not old fashioned...  retro and word instr-o-mental grind-a-go go party monsters who’ll make you twist till your toes bleed. Ungawa, baby... UNGAWA! 

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