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I "Demons" a fine degli anni 90 hanno scritto un piccolo capitolo nella storia del rocknroll, lanciati da un esordio al fulmicotone per la GEARHEAD RECORDS, una sorta di bibbia all'epoca per i rockers di tutto il mondo! Da li in poi tour americani, europei, giapponesi. Headliners dello storico Gearfest e molto altro.
Poi un secondo disco, sempre per la Gearhead e via discorrendo fino ad arrivare a DEMONOLOGY, del 2004, con relativo tour per poi fermarsi per dedicarsi alle rispettive famiglie.

SONO TORNATI, con un nuovo singolo e molte nuove songs che scopriremo presto live!

At the beginning of the Scandinavian era in rock music people refer to as Scandinavian Invasion, Action Rock, Garage Punk or simply Scandinavian Punk Rock, "DEMONS" emerged as one of the new bands to look out for. In 1997 The Hellacopters and Turbonegro had released the albums "Supershitty to the Max" and "Ass Cobra" and "DEMONS" unleashed their anticipated debut single "Electrocute". It became an underground hit and was eventually picked up by The Hellacopters themselves for a cover version on their farewell album "Head Off".
20 years has passed and now "DEMONS" will do an "Electrocute" 20th Anniversary Tour starting out in Italy. 
In March 2017 they also released the new single "Kids are Gonna Cry" on Alaska Productions as well as contributing with music in the forthcoming film Drive Like Hell - Race with the Devil. A few more records are set to be released during the second half of 2017 as well as collaborations with Jeff Dahl and The Hip Priests. 
In 2017 the band lands musically somewhere between the albums "Ace in the Hole" (2008) and "Scarcity Rock" (2010) but with updated stamina, guts and fighting spirit. The cynical, dark humour and the spiky, bluesy post punk from "Scarcity Rock" meets the clever song writing and dirty power pop from "Ace in the Hole".
The quality of the material the band is known for is intact and untouched as can be heard on their new single "Kids are Gonna Cry". It got 8 out of 10 in the recent issue of Ox.
"DEMONS" early became an important band on the mid 90´s, Scandinavian rock scene toghether with The Hellacopters, Turbonegro and later The Hives. Especially in the USA where the band has enjoyed most of its success.
Early to mid 00's "DEMONS" was one of the most important bands on the label Gearhead Records. They invented the term "punk n´roll" to describe the groups music. 
In the year 2000 "DEMONS" began their hectic touring schedule which more or less was constant for four years. In 2004 they had done several coast to coast tours in the US, Europe and Japan and played at important festivals like SXSW.
During this period the band also released the albums Riot Salvation, Stockholm Slump, the retrospective Demonology as well as a double cd collection called Riot in Japan for the Japanese market.
2008 saw the release of Ace in the Hole, "DEMONS" most critically acclaimed album so far. The band was then discussing a potential deal with American super producer John Luongo (who was working with Little Steven at the time) as well as several Swedish labels.
About the same time the Hellacopters released their last album, Head Off, which opens with a cover version of the "DEMONS" first single, "Electrocute. The band was invited to join the Hellcopters on their farewell tour.
"DEMONS" has always gone against the grain and has lived through more cuts and bruises than most contemporaries. They have always revered their punk rock ideals and the D.I.Y. esthetic more than anything else. That, in part, has made them branded by some of the business as "difficult" even though that's not the case.
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Soundcloud: Demonssthlm
Youtube: AlaskaBroadcast

Torna a distanza di molti anni, il mitico trio svedese! punknroll all'ennesima potenza! 

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