Disco, kraut, wave, country, elettro abstract duo


BLIND BUTCHER is an abstract musical duo formed in Lucerne, Switzerland in 2010 and decked-out with GLITTER TIGHTS and a crazy-irritating post-punk rock attitude. They have devoted themsleves to ROCK'N'ROLL, NEW & NO WAVE, Suicide Disco, Punk, Blues, KRAUT ROCK, NDW or Country Music and have created their very own very unique DISCO TRASH SOUND.

In 2013 they recorded their debut album (produced by Steve Albini in the Electrical Audio Studio in Chicago) and since then the band has played more than 100 SHOWS a year in Europe. In addition to BLIND BUTCHER, Christian (Blind Banjo) Aregger, and Roland Bucher (Oklahoma Butcher) play in various other projects (Pierre Omer, the Shit, Gray Mole), as well as produce film and theater music "The Bridge over the River," (Jadwiga Kowalska 2016) "Undine- The Little Mermaid" at Lucerne Theater (Claudia Brier, 2015). On the new album 'ALAWALAWA' (Voodoo Rhythm Records), they create a moronic, unabated, crazy, musical universe where they sing in English, German, or GIBBERISH. With the exception of "ALLES MACHT WEITER," words are not important, Blind Butcher are unfettered by convention and conformity. Coming from a generation that preferes liberation to security, they CREATE WITHOUT BORDERS and styles.

The album is a culmination or absurdity, you hear it in the title-song ALAWALAWA, where they sing in gibberish and in 'STAUBSAUGERBABY' (vacuum cleaner baby) which, devoid of meaning, is just total nonsense. If you are the type of person looking for possible influences, you may hear a dash of DEVO or the German Kraut Rock legends CAN.

Impossibili da definire, disco trash, kraut, country, punk, no wave ... incredibile duo svizzero, come sempre VOODOO RHYTHM, che aspettate?

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