fuzz a go go from Lille


Arrivano da Lille e sono una delle più affermate e fresche band della scena garage francese. 
Classico sound fuzz e tonnellate di Farfisa, si stanno affermando sulla scena europea con tour in Germania, Belgio, Olanda e Spagna. Nel 2016 hanno rilasciato “Suffering Chelsea Boots” per la tedesca SOUNDFLAT e sono attualmente in tour per promuoverlo!
Cayman Kings is one of the most exciting bands to come out of the French garage scene.
From the acid soaked sidewalks of Los Angeles to the rainy streets of the swinging London, they took the best of the 60s sound to make a super fresh blend of pure garage rock'n'roll for the new millenium.
Surrender to the wild attacks of the fuzz guitar and the raunchy organ played by a furious spanish hidalgo, they made a strong live reputation over the year (Spain, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, France...) along cult acts such as veterans Iggy Pop, Arthur Brown or The Lords of Altamont. So if they ever come to play in your town... Just run for your life.

Fuzz garage a go go da Lille, per la prima volta in Italia! Info

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