speedcountry from Swizterland


Gotta Move On
If Slam & Howie and the reserve men would be a movie, then definitely a road movie.
A handful of outlaws united to play at every possible and almost impossible place: at a Country saloon, on a ski slope, on a boat or in a punk club. Being on the road is the only constant.
Wanna Be On The Road Again
Because that’s where the five guys around Lt Slam are home: On club stages and festivals all around Europe. Among the highlights so far are shows at the Gurtenfestival (CH), Heitere Open Air (CH), Zwarte Cross (NL) and the Mighty Sounds Festival (CZ).
Their incomparable and energetic live shows are the band’s trademark. With their rock guitars, banjo and mandolin Slam & Howie and the reserve men invented a distinctive style and built a loyal audience all around Europe - their fan base in Switzerland, Spain, Italy and Czech Republic is steadily growing.
Sons Of Ancient Times
Invigorated through 100 shows a year, Slam & Howie and the reserve men worked themselves up to one of the best live bands in Switzerland.
Listening to their fifth studio album “Sons Of Ancient Times” you can hear their joy for music and their enthusiasm.
The mainly live recorded album contains 13 excellent songs in the tradition of American song writers such as Bruce Springsteen or Neil Young and still remains a 100% Slam & Howie and the reserve men.
Rock guitars and sing a long chorus combined with mandolin, banjo and a driving rhythm group add up to the incomparable mix.
The album got recorded and produced at Somastudios Zofingen by Dave Hofmann (Heidy Happy, Leech, Chewy, Redwood, China) and mastered by Pearl Jam’s already used Ed Brooks at the RFI Studios in Seattle.
This is the story about a life on the road and of Lt Slam, who quit his bourgeois life six years ago to conquer the world with wild and energetic Rock ’n’ Roll.

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