Voodoo garage-blues-punk da Lisbona


The Dirty Coal Train is a garage punk power trio from Portugal with influences that drift from sixties garage rock, to B movie monsters, with an eye on surf, rockabilly, blues and soul.
They've been touring Europe and South America, and played along great bands such as The Routes, Autoramas, The Gories, The Smoogers, The Parkinsons, Gino & the goons, The Monsieurs, The Morlocks,...
With 4 LP's, 1 Compilation and 5 singles released and most already sold out, they have a new LP “Portuguese Freakshow” coming out soon released with Groovie Records and Garagem Records!
The lyrics are more a gargantuous noise than a message, their music is pure savagery packed for insane nights soaked with sex, anarchy, daydreams and B movie paraphernalia.

Da Lisbona, garage-punk-blues, contattateci!

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