dark-garage-punk dalla Nuova Zelanda


Night Shades are a London-based garage punk, rock’n’roll band from NZ & the UK. Formed in late 2014, they create a noisy, darkly romantic and inescapably haunting sound that remains twisted and eternally thrashy with a staunch garage punk energy.
After releasing a 2-Track Cassette in late 2015, Night Shades self-released their debut EP on Halloween 2017; the bone rattling Evil Dreams. Over six songs, Shaun’s guitar shrieks with the same ferocity as his tangled screams yet succumbs to the lovesick cravings of his cursed heart. Clare’s growling guitar snarls beneath the crust, creating a distorted current for her restless invocations. Beneath these six crooked tracks, the primal beating and unearthly crashing of Niall’s drums and the constant thunder of Vince’s bass keep the whole damn thing rumbling.
Live, Night Shades will cast a long shadow over any dark night and unearth a rock’n’roll graveyard. So come get possessed.
Night Shades have played alongside The Gories (US), La Luz (US), L.A Witch (US), Guantanamo Baywatch (US), The Coathangers (US), Froth (US), The Shivas (US), YAK (UK), The Parrots (ES), Dan Sartain (US) & Tijuana Panthers (US).

Grandissima band NZ/UK, per fans di Cramps, Lords of the New Church e Link Wray. Contattateci!

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