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The Rolando Bruno Cumbia ProjeCT, was born in 2005, alongside his former group LOS PEYOTES (garage punk - Buenos Aires) in the solitude of his room and with his best friend, his computer, which he uses to creaTe his Cumbia backing tracks.
He returns to Buenos Aires in 2015 after living 2 years in Spain, when he dedided to create his band called “Rolando Bruno y el Grupo Arevalo” formed by experienced musicians of the indie music scene from Buenos Aires. They ́ve played in bands such as LOS ALAMOS, LOS PEYOTES, ALFONE EL PINTOR and LES MENTETTES.
Their style is basically “Cumbia”, but Rolando says: “Cumbia Trash” so as to involve that peculiar vintage graphics and visuals that charazterizes him (is a mix of Cumbia Chicha from Peru, some 80s 90s argentinian Cumbia with psychedelic rock). Their show is a guarantee of tropical dancing!
Rolando played several times in Europe, in festivals, he had twice visited Japan, and also neighbouring countries like Chile, Uruguay and Brasil. El Grupo Arevalo contanstly plays in the musical circuit of Argentina.
They ́ve just finished recording Rolando’s 2nd album “El mundo esta Cumbiando” recorded by Miguel Mactas (LOS ESPIRITUS) and will be released during 2019 in vinyl by Groovie Records (Portugal). a super bomb of Tropical Rhythm and fuzz guitar Cumbia!
*He plays in one man Band format or with Band
*Born in Buenos aires, lived in Valencia, Spain
*Plays constantly, having shows all over Europe, South America,
Japan. He played in festivals like: Funtastic Dracula Carnival (ESP.) Cine Latino Festival Tübingen (Alemania) Guacamayo Fest (ESP.) con Chicha Libre, TriMarchi (Mar del Plata, AR), Fuji Rock (Japón), Festival Beat (Ital- ia), Buskers Festival (Suiza), Artychoque CYNAR 2016 (Museo MAR, Mar del Plata, AR), SLAP! (ESP), Surf o Rama (ESP), Barreiro Rocks (Portugal), Bestialc (España), Surf & Turf Outdoor (Breda, Holanda),
SuperVlieg SuperMouche (Bruselas, Bélgica).
*Did a Mtv TV Spot
*From 2019 he will bring his group EL GRUPO AREVALO to perform in Europe

Torna il mitico Rolando stavolta con la band al completo, IMPERDIBILE!!

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