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Sab 22/07/2023 LINK VOODOO FESTIVAL, Castelnuovo Barian, Rovigo
VOODOO FESTIVAL, Castelnuovo Barian, Rovigo



Per la prima volta in Italia la leggendaria band scozzese!
KAISERS (Scozia)
Ci sono volute 27 edizioni, ma alla fine anche i Kaisers saranno dei nostri. Ai veterani scozzesi del RnR-Beat, 25 anni di carriera e una ventina di dischi alle spalle, la vetrina del nostro Festival spettava di diritto. Per chi ama il surf più sporco, l'etica e l'estetica dei primi sixties, quello coi Kaisers è un appuntamento da non perdere. Perchè le radici del Festival è lì che affondano, in quel mondo lontano nel tempo ma ben saldo al centro dei nostri cuori. Anche per questo, lasciarsi travolgere dal suono dei Kaisers sarà ancora più bello: perchè la tradizione, quando assume queste forme, va celebrata senza freni. La storia ce lo impone.
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​The Kaisers are a four piece group from Scotland who are hailed as the stomping-est Beat group since Rory Storm first wrecked the stage at the Kaiser-Keller. Taking their inspiration from legendary feats of entertainment such as The Big Three, Kingsize Taylor and the Dominoes and the Undertakers, their set consists of breathtaking “cult status” original songs along with re-workings of Rhythm & Beat favourites and obscurities.Over their 27 year long career the group have been prolific in writing, recorded and releasing 7 LPs, a dozen EP’s, 4 45rpms as well as appearing on numerous compilations.Their writing and performance skills have won praise and admiration globally and have playedsessions for BBC DJs John Peel & Mark Radcliffe, appearances on UK and USA television, as well as recently being listed number 10 of the “TOP 20 Best Scottish Indie Rock Bands of the 1990s”Recent live appearances have included The Cosmic Trip Festival, The Rockin’ Race Jamboree,Funtastic Dracula Carnival, Surforama and 2 shows at the world famous 100 Club in London topromote not only 25 years in the business but also the vinyl release of the “Wishing Street” LP.OUT NOW “Ruff ‘n’ Rare” 10” LP, a collection of unreleased out-takes and alternative versions from the band’s recording career.

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