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Costola dei grandissimi Les Grys-Grys, band clamorosa ora sotto SLOVENLY RECORDINGS, contattateci!

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Dom 28/05/2023 TBA
Sab 27/05/2023 TBA
Ven 26/05/2023 TBA
Gio 25/05/2023 TBA
Mer 24/05/2023 TBA
Mar 23/05/2023 TBA
Lun 22/05/2023 TBA
Ven 08/07/2022 LINK FESTIVAL BEAT #28, Salsomaggiore T., Parma
FESTIVAL BEAT #28, Salsomaggiore T., Parma


Now cut the crap here are Les Lullies!!! Formed in june 2016 by four cheese eating attack monkeys,
the band’s first EP was avaible in february 2017 on spanish label Meteoro Records and is now sold
The second one, recorded at Swampland by Lo Spider, is a hyperactive freak scene all its own -
eyeball rattling punk for the dungeon is what’s happening here, with each song a hit: Short. Fast.
Loud. Deadly. And it's avaible since november 2017 on Slovenly Recordings ! The first LP is out
october 5th (2018) on Slovenly Recordings, and was recorded and mixed by Lo Spider again and
mastered by Tim Warren
The band toured in France, Belgium, Holland, Spain, Italy, Portugal, UK, USA, Canada… on festivals
like We’re loud (Slovenly Recordings), Funtastic Dracula carnival, Bule Bule Toga Fest, Cosmic Trip,
Fuzzville,Binic Folk Blues Festival, etc…
Here is what Slovenly says about the band :
Montpellier, France punk-beat-freaks LES LULLIES are back with The Slovenly Sound, swingin’ hard
with the follow up to their impressive “Don’t Look Twice” EP, this time with their first full length LP:
self-titled and hittin’ in all the right spots! Les Lullies know what they want out of rock’n’roll, and they
nail it but good with ten tracks of Aussie punk styles a la FUN THINGS and the classic American riffery
of REAL KIDS bowing down to make out with Little Richard’s ringed fingers, 100% geared for the
Think garage punk !!! There will be no prisoners, Lullies are here to kick your ass. Raw, simple,
straight rock’n’roll music and mongoloid attitude !!!
This ain’t rocket science, mon frère, it is rock’n’roll, and we wouldn’t have it any other way!
Lullies are :
Roméo Kizmiaz : guitar and voice
Mannah McNamara : Drums
T.Boy Stoogeling : Bass and voice
François Pepito :Guitar and voice

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