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I MAMMOTH MAMMOTH ritornano in Italia dopo il loro tour europeo di presentazione dell'ultimo album KREUZUNG.
Durante il corso della loro carriera, i MAMMOTH MAMMOTH hanno lasciato il segno nella scena heavy rock, provando di essere una delle band heavy australiane più attive a livello globale.
I quattro al nitrogeno sono famosi per i loro imprevedibili live shows, come dimostrato dall'esplosivo cantante Mickey Tucker.
Mickey in una recente intervista dice: "Siamo felici di poter spingere il Gas sui pezzi del nuovo album nei club d'Italia ed Europa.
Comporre e registrare questi pezzi è stato come lavorare su una delle più potenti dragrace car.
Abbiamo migliorato il motore, messo il carburante e girato la chiave per farlo suonare più veloce, più alto e cattivo che mai.
Allacciatevi le cinture, nel nome del Rock n roll più puro che speriamo vi salirà dritto al cervello."
MAMMOTH MAMMOTH are proud to announce their 5th studio album titled, ‘’Kreuzung’’ which was recorded in the winter of 2018/19 at Big Snuff Studio, Berlin. Recorded and produced by Richard Behrens, it is the first album recorded with the new line-up consisting of original members, Mikey Tucker (vocalist) and Frank Trobbiani (drums) and introducing new members, Marco Gennaro (guitarist) and Kris Fiore (bass). 
In January 2017, the band found themselves at a crossroads. Already committed to two European tours, including their first visit to Spain and Portugal plus a large number of shows on the summer festival circuit, original guitarist Ben Couzens and bassist Pete Bell were unable to perform those ongoing commitments. As such, for the first-time ever, the remaining members needed to find replacement musicians in order for MAMMOTH MAMMOTH to honour those shows and continue to bring the high-energy, dirty, beer-soaked, hard-rock shows to their loyal fan base. 
Inspired by new surroundings, Tucker, Trobbiani, Gennaro and Fiore holed themselves up in Rock Haus, Berlin in 2018 and crafted the new album together whilst searching for a new producer. Someone who would both challenge and nurture their new line-up. Tucker says on working with Richard, ‘’I wanted to introduce a new sound, something a little more vintage sounding. I was tired of listening to rock albums that were so overly produced they’d lost all their soul. I stumbled upon Big Snuff Studio and really liked the work they were doing with Kadavar. Writing and recording ‘’Kreuzung’’ in Berlin has been a refreshing change, the collaborative process made the whole experience killer and we can’t wait to play it live to everyone.’’
‘’Kruezung’’, signifies where the band had found themselves in 2017, somewhere between the past, the present and the future. 

heavy Rock'n'Roll dall'Australia!

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