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Una delle più promettenti band in circolazione, prodotti da JON SPENCER, disco su ALIVE NATURAL SOUND, ora sulla celeberrima IPECAC RECORDS del generale del Rock'n'Roll MIKE PATTON, per la prima volta in Italia!

Data Link Luogo
Dom 17/07/2022 EDONE', Bergamo
EDONE', Bergamo


The Bobby Lees are one of the best things to happen to rock music in recent years, and we're still looking forward to seeing them on this side of the Atlantic. Their 2 albums are brimming with furious, ferocious nuggets. The 2nd one, "Skin Suit", was released in May 2020 on Alive Naturalsound, was produced by Jon Spencer, and made its way into the top albums of the year.

Check their singles: Guttermilk, Coin et Move. FB / IG / Live

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