from Los Peyotes...mas sicodelia!!

On tour

La nuova band da 2 costole dei LOS PEYOTES, disco licenziato dalla mitica GROOVIE RECORDS, per la prima volta in Italia!

Data Link Luogo
Dom 09/10/2022 BOTTEGA ROOTS, Colle Valdelsa, Siena
BOTTEGA ROOTS, Colle Valdelsa, Siena
Sab 08/10/2022 CLANDESTINO, Faenza, Ravenna
CLANDESTINO, Faenza, Ravenna
Ven 07/10/2022 WE'RE LOUD, Napoli
WE'RE LOUD, Napoli


Las Ratas Sicodelicas were born by the union of three friends who got together to break the great boredom that unleashed the 2020 pandemic. With a musical mutation where they use their long experience in garage punk to give place to the Latin American beat and psychedelia, all their songs they are sung in Spanish. These psychedelic rodents are: Rolando Bruno, Oscar Hechomierda and Pablo Bam Bam, all with past and present in the Los Peyotes garage punk group from Buenos Aires Argentina. They have a 7” vinyl with 2 songs released by Groovie Records (Portugal) They have a 7-inch vinyl released by Groovie Records, anticipating the sound of their debut album in 2022.
Sacrifice to pure Fuzz! long live to L.R.S.!

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