UK psychobilly legend


Summer 1982 in London. The city stomped. The Meteors had created a new music and life-style: Psychobilly.
Loads of young urban Rockabillies took a razor to their head and followed bands like the Stingrays, the Sharks, Restless or the Ricochets.
At this time the young singer Pip Hancox met a brilliant guitar player named Steward Osborne. They made up a band called the GUANA BATZ. One of the most successful bands of our scene ever. They played the early “Klubfoot” gigs and a few “Night of the long knifes”. They had several hits in the independent charts and their 7 inch “I’m on fire” from 1987 is one of the best selling records of the Psychobilly scene.
In the early 90ies, after Pip had moved to the US, it seemed GUANA BATZ wanted to call it a day. But the guys came back. In October 1995 they blasted away the “2nd Wildcat Weekend” in Berlin. From this time on they have come over Europe once a year. Back in 2002 the BATZ landed on a “Satanic Stomp” for the first time. A hell of a gig! The Weberei in Gütersloh, packed with quaffs, flattops and rockers, went mad. When the KING RAT was entering the stage the hall was boiling. 
Meanwhile the Guana Batz  have played a lot club gig and  festivals all over Europe. Enjoy the songs of the old Psychobilly heros like “Loan Shark”, “I’m on fire” and “King Rat” only to mention a few. Don´t miss it.

The legend!

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