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Ven 28/06/2024 LINK FESTIVAL BEAT #30, Salsomaggiore T., Parma
FESTIVAL BEAT #30, Salsomaggiore T., Parma


The Rip Offs original life span was from 1993 and ended in 1995. But in those two years, The Rip Offs recorded some of the greatest, sleaziest raw music, and are considered one of the great’s in the garage punk underground in the 90’s. With their cheap sounding recordings, they soon became garage punk legends. 
 The Rip Offs are considered one of the most exciting live bands with their trademark Black nylons over their heads, and all black outfits. And their general bad attitude on and off stage.  A Rip Offs show is an EVENT, one most fans never forget. 
Featuring Greg Lowery on bass, who was in such bands as Supercharger, The Infections, Zodiac Killers and his current project is The Control Freaks.  Greg also started the infamous Rip Off Record label that started at the same time as the Rip Offs band in 1993 and lasted until 2007. Greg also wrote some of the punkier songs for The Rip Offs for example, Now I Know It’s You, Go Away, and Rip Your Heart Out.
Shane White on guitar, the man with the piss poor attitude, played with Greg in the Infections after The Rip Offs broke up, and was a reviewer for the legendary Maximum Rock and Roll Magazine. His guitar sound hits like a hot knife slicing through your bloody eardrums!
Jon Von on rhythm guitar was in the pop punk band Mr. T. Experience before joining the Rip Offs. Jon wrote and sang some of the Rip Offs catchiest tunes, such as Dolemite, Wild Wild Jayne, and She Said Yeah just to name a few of his classic hits.
On Drums is Shane’s brother Jason White, who not only plays like Ringo Starrs demonic son, but also wrote some of the poppier tunes for the Rip Offs, such as Can I Come Over, Make Up Your Mind and a slew of others.
The Rip Offs recorded 4 singles. 
And their “Got A Record” LP is considered a classic albums of the 90’s with it catchy songs, blistering guitar sound, and raw recording. The iconic front cover was taken at the actual San Francisco Police Department and was not photoshopped in any way!
Fifi of Firestarter and Teengenerate said of the Rip Offs: They saved Rock & Roll, they saved the USA!
Does anything else need to be said?
Yes there is, don’t miss the Rip Offs!

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