garage-surf-funk from Finland!!


"This is a sound to kill for - it´s like Santana from Hell!" 
Mixture of 60´s garage rock, surf, porn funk and manic psychedelia, the instrumental madness of The Mutants is a lost soundtrack for Russ Meyer´s, Tarantino´s and Aki Kaurismäki´s films. Impossible to kategorize, we call it "afro-garage-mambo".
The Mutants was founded in 1998 by Weijjo a.k.a Abnormal, who wanted to form an instrumental band after getting tired of difficult singers. Members were picked partly from his previous punk band "Isebel´s Pain" and from locations that you don´t want to know. The sound of The Mutants has been pretty weird from the first beginning, only to get seriously sicker since. After the first chaotic gigs with the usual rock instrumentation + organ, it needed to sound bigger. A Saxophone and percussions were added, and the originally punk/surf/garage -based stuff smashed through Parliament/Funkadelic filter. The beats have been funkier since.
As the result of several singles, compilation album "Deathrace 3000", dozens of gigs, and with the support of local music magazines and quite active garage rock scene of southern Finland, the band made a three-record deal with the label Spinefarm in 2003. Under Spinefarm´s "Ranch" -department the band released the full-lenght albums "Voodoo Blues" (2003), "Death Cult" (2005) and "Grave Groove" (2007). Next to the meaty musical contents, these releases have the most ass-kicking cover art that our mambo-minds can dream for: They´re made by a mexican master-tikiartist  Dr. Jorge Alderete, who was introduced to the band by a dedicated fan.
Since 2004, the band has been touring intensively in Europe , most often in Germany and Italy. Touring targets also include Switzerland, Spain, Sweden, Russia, Belgium and Estonia, not to forget the highlight trips to Denmark´s Roskilde festival in 2003, Argentina in 2006 and Brazil in 2012. 
The Mutants have made a household name with their epic drinking habits combined with tight performing. According to the new 99% live, self-produced and self-released bastard-son "Mutacalypso now!!" (released 2013) + the wonderful feedback from the coolest crowds and gig-promoters on the latest tours. Anywhere they go The Mutants mesmerise their audience with their fuzzed out Rock`n`Roll that cathers more members to the Mutant cult.
 - The Mutants sounds today better and deeper than ever, and is ready to rock´n´roll maybe soon in your town also.
The current members of the band are carefully selected from three different cities in Finland: Weijjo Abnormal (Farfisa organ, guitar), El Toro (guitar) and Jack Europa (guitar) have been around since late nineties (applause). Also Bob Riappola´s (bass) presence since 2005 is really impressive. However, the ministry of the beat section has been quite windy. Nowadays there´s some fresh meat in the table: Juan Emperor (percussions) since 2008 and Max de Sause (drums) since 2012. 
Previous ritual cult members:
Moses Gorbagiorno: drums (2009-2012)
Hullu Savolaine: drums (2009)
Lance Tougher: drums (2004-2009)
Don Hesus: percussions (2000- 2007)
Kartsu” Dr Drunkenstein a.k.a Orb Sirius: bass (1998-2005)
Victor Stereo: drums (2001- 2004)
Burt ”Sipilä” Sibulanski: drums (1998-2001)
Full Albums:
- La Fiesta Infernal cd/12” Lp 2016
- Mutacalypso now!! cd/ 12” Lp 2013
- Boogie De La Muerte cd/ 12” Lp 2011
- Grave Groove cd/ 12” Lp 2008
- Mutants Death Cult cd 2005
- Woodoo Blues cd/ 12” Lp 2003
- Le Mutants 7” single 2001
- Funky Fidel 7” single 2001
- Mambo Mutant 7” single 2001
- Monster Mutant 7” single 2002
- Hojo Hojo 7” single 2002
- Timba am Gaya 7” single 2002
- High Ride cd single 2003
- Calicula remix cd/ 12” maxisingle 2005
- Stampede caravan 7” single 2004
- Drunk mambo outtakes 7” single 2005
- Death race 3000 compilation cd 2002

Nuovo album e nuovo tour per la grande band finnica, CONTATTATECI!!!

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